tile roof restoration

Tile Roof Restoration Products

Surface specific primers & advanced Top Coats

Nutech Paint’s Tile Roof Restoration products are Accepted Worldwide as one of the best protective Color Roof Coatings for Tile Roofs. Nutech Paint’s tested & proven 3 Coat tile restoration process ( 1 coat primer + 2 Top Coats ) ensures a perfect & lasting finish.

Primer Options


Powdery Tile Roof Primer


Developed for powdery surfaces, Nuprime is extremely fine in particle size allowing it to penetrate deep into the tile to fully bond powdery surfaces creating an ideal surface for applying your top coat choice.

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GP Primer

Concrete Tile Roof Primer

GP Primer

Ideal for rough cement tiles, our GP Primer is made with quality resins and a high content of solids for maximum filler characteristics.

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Top Coat Options

NXT Cool Coat

Heat Reflective, Protective, and available in Colors

NXT Cool Coat Bucket

NXT Cool Coat will restore & improve your inefficient and weathered roof tiles. Utilizing advanced pigments to reflect light NXT Cool Coat will minimize the heat that is available to be absorbed into your home. NXT Cool Coat utilizes Nano-Technology to repel dirt and water creating a strong resistance to mold and algae. Also available in Colors

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Protection with Color

TileFlex Bucket

Nutech Paint’s Tileflex is a great option for every tile roof restoration project. Utilizing Nutech Paint’s Nano-Technology to ensure water is repelled, and that mold and algae cannot damage your roof. Also available in Colors

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